The jewel in the crown of S Pagewood by Silkari, The Silkwood Collection represents a once-in-a-lifetime
opportunity to experience unparalleled luxury in the heart of Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

Featuring bespoke interiors by two of the world’s finest luxury interior design firms - Studioaria (Sydney) and Cameron Woo Design (Singapore) - The Silkwood Collection offers you
world-class living spaces minutes just from Sydney’s CBD.

Each renowned interior team has drawn on their considerable experience, insight and expertise to produce designs that reflect their own individual vision of luxury, placing their distinct style on each space.

The outcome is beautifully considered lines, meticulous selection of finishes and
fastidious attention to detail that coalesce into a singular point of timeless elegance,
glamour and sophistication.

Discover luxury on an entirely new level by clicking on an interior firm below to view their unique design.


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